Organ Choice

Fergus Black selects a number of local organs that he enjoys, and are notable in one way or another.

In no particular order:

Burghley House

Single manual organ in the shape of a harpsichord. 1790 by Robert and William Gray.

Easton on the Hill

I played for a wedding at Easton in July, and was bowled over by this beautiful Holdich two-manual, dating from 1850, restored by Richard Bower in the 1990s.


GreatSwell Tenor C compass
Sesquialtera II
Tierce 1 3/4
Fifteenth 2
Twelfth 3
Principal 4
Flute 4
Clarabella 8
Open Diapason 8
Stopped Diapason Bass 8
Bourdon 16
Horn 8
Fifteenth 2
Principal 4
Stopped Diapason8
Dulciana 8
Double Diapason 16

Pedal Pipes 16

Oundle School Chapel

Frobenius organ. Three-manual installed in 1984.


A two-manual Grant, Degens and Bradbeer (1977), made for Cranleigh School Chapel, Surrey—gifted to Warmington in 2009. One of many organs in the area which has benefitted from the support and enthusiasm of Northamptonshire Village Churches Organ Project (NVCOP)

St John’s Stamford

A magnificent 3 manual Hill instrument (NPOR N05490), sadly dilapidated, in the “care” of The Churches’ Conservation Trust. Nevertheless, the quality of the pipework shines through its poor condition.

Harry and Malcolm Sargent

A young Malcolm Sargent with his father, Harry, at the organ of St John’s c.1905

Longer List of Local Organs

There is a longer list of local organs here.