Other Local Organs

Peterborough Cathedral Organ

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St. John’s, Peterborough
Early nineteenth-century organ by Lincoln. An organ appears in Forster and Andrews’ list in the 1870s. Present instrument is by Harrison and Harrison from the early years of the 20th century. Three manual.

St. Mark’s, Peterborough
Originally by Wordsworth and Maskell, Leeds, rebuilt by Rushworth and Dreaper, Liverpool in 1949. Tonally modified by Holmes and Swift in about 1996.

St. Mary’s, Peterborough
Originally built by John Compton in the 1930s. Rebuilt and modified by Daniels of Clevedon when the new church was built in 1991.

Park Road, Baptist, Peterborough
Binns, Bramley, Leeds, installed in 1905. Two-manual with some electronic ranks and electronic ranks on the pedal organ. Rebuilt and electronics added in the 1980s by David Miller of Orwell.

Westgate URC., Peterborough
By H and H which was brought to the church in 1983 having originally been built for the College of Ripon and York St.John (1935).

St Botolph, Helpston
Harrison and Harrison organ from Hebdon Bridge installed in 1982. Two-manual.

St Mary & All Saints, Fotheringhay
Built by Vincent Woodstock of Redbourne in 2000. Two-manual.

St Michael & All Angels, Southwick
Holdich chamber organ.

St. Martin’s, Stamford
Bevington two-manual possibly dating from 1880s. Pedal department extended in the 1960s.

Oundle School Chapel
Frobenius organ. Three-manual installed in 1984.

St. Peter’s, Oundle
J. W. Walker instrument from 1860s moved and rebuilt by Cousans of Lincoln about 1970.

St. Nicholas, Bulwick
M. G. Holdich (the then Rector’s brother) 1870s. Restored by S. E. Gilks of Peterborough in 1964.

St. Kyneburgha, Castor
Conacher and Co. two-manual 1878.

St. Leonard’s Glapthorn
Roger Yates, Bodmin, instrument, 1937. One-manual tracker.

All Saints, Easton-on-the-Hill
Holdich two-manual, 1850. Restored by Bower in the 1990s.

Burghley House
Single manual harpsichord-shaped organ. 1790 by Robert and William Gray.

St. Andrew’s, Helpringham
Two-manual Forster and Andrews built 1902. It has a Historic Organ Certificate (Grade II*) awarded in 2007.

St. Andrew’s, Ufford
One manual and pedal by Kenneth Tickell, 1987.

St. Mary the Blessed Virgin. Warmington
Originally installed in 1977 by Grant, Degens and Bradbeer in the Chapel of Cranleigh School, Surrey. One of the first organs in England to be part of the Organ Reform movement with tracker action and a case with Werkprinzip design. Now in West End of Warmington Church where it was rebuilt by Richard Bower in 2010.